Open Day

Open Day – 21st May 2016

What a wonderful Open Day we had and we were so lucky with the weather. We estimated that there were over 200 visitors, mainly families but lots of those with three generations. There was a lovely atmosphere throughout the site, the Guides were helping and they proved very persuasive in getting a lot of passers-by off the footpath to vote for their favourite photo, a total of 105 votes were cast during the afternoon.

Everything was free but we did have the donations boxes out, and received a total of £157.00, which will definitely cover the costs of the drinks and something towards the materials needed to make the Insect Homes which the children really enjoyed constructing and then took home to put up in their gardens.

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A very big Thank You to all the people who came to help on the day, from manning stalls, making cakes, handing out flyers, helping the kids start the Quizzes, keeping an eye on refreshments and making Badges. We brought our own Badge Maker and designing their own proved popular with the children. The EWT had a stall, so did the Yellow Fish River Project so there was plenty to interest our visitors. Pond Dipping is still the firm favourite, and we’ll be starting work on the new, bigger platform at the end of the summer sessions.

The Springfield Girl Guides who come along regularly to help ran their own trail in the central area of the Nature Reserve.

We have Prize Winners from our Photography Competition. The photographs in the display showed the variety of wildlife on the site, both flora and fauna, along with pictures of our supporters working on different projects. The Girl Guides visited the Nature Reserve on a rather wet evening specifically to take photos for the competition.  Having cast their vote for their favourite picture, many visitors were persuaded to join in the other activities which were going on!

We hope some of our visitors may become regular supporters at our Practical Sessions, held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, 1.30 – 3.30pm.

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